EJTECH /’eitech’/ is a polydisciplinary studio working with unstable media, experimental interfaces, electronic textile and augmented materials. Their work investigates sensorial and conceptual relationships between the self and its physical surroundings, aiming to create experiences that incite an individual and personal process to the participant. Textile, sound, light, and space are paramount elements in their practice. Influenced by the philosophy of new materialism, holonic studies and somaesthetics, EJTECH works as a tool to investigate liminal states, notions of time, and the state of presence, using technological methods as active, participatory installations or multi-sensorial performances within their self proclaimed technospiritual tradition. Their interdisciplinary practice is often based on the material force of sound and the intrinsic materiality of now.

Under the label EJTECH, Esteban de la Torre and Judit Eszter Kárpáti combine their know-how. Esteban de la Torre is a media artist, sound artist. Judit Eszter Kárpáti is an interdisciplinary artist, textile artist and material researcher. She holds a PhD (Doctor of Liberal Arts). Their works have been exhibited in galleries and festivals including, Japan Media Arts Festival (2020), FILE Electronic Language International Festival (2020), EMAF European Media Art Festival (DE), Sensorium Festival of Digital Arts and Culture (2019), Design Museum Holon (IL), Pistoriho Palace (SK), Kunsthalle Budapest (HU), Collegium Hungaricum Berlin (DE), Ex Post Gallery (CZ), Ann Arbor Art Center (US), FabTokyo (JP), Galerie Hollenstein (AT), Horizont Gallery (HU), Easttopics Gallery (HU) among others. They regularly gives international workshops and lectures. Their studio is based in Budapest. They currently live and work in Budapest.

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