Selected texts, publications, interviews

Interview by Cathleen Owens, 2020

Art Magazine 
Interview by Szilágyi Róza Tekla, 2020

European Media Art Festival No. 33 catalogue, 2020

Interview by Vikárius Réka, 2020

HOLD Residency
Interview by Duncan Herd, 2019

CLOT Magazine
Interview by Tony Cho, 2019

Blok Magazine
EJTECH at Easttopics,  2019

EJTECH at Horizont Gallery, 2018

EJTECH at Horizont Gallery, 2018

Architect Magazine
The Role of Haptics in Design.
Blaine Btownell,  2019

Research Gate
Cords and Chords: Exploring the Role
of E-Textiles in Computational Audio.
Rebecca Stewart, 2019.

Daily Lazy

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