We have mastered tools and developed alchemy like technology in order to control and create the world that surrounds us. Since we first tamed fire, not only did we extend our hardware towards the outside of our bodies by creating another digestive process external to our stomach, but with this augmented dietary possibilities, we empowered the brain to evolve, jump starting progress and exponentially enhancing our levels in awareness of self. Unknowingly used a tool or technology to enlighten our path as a human race. Where fire once burnt in the middle of our ritualistic drum circles, now silently flickers an eternal flame, protected deep inside a church, synagogue, mosque or temple. Humankind has come a long way, and our technological advancements are not far from the boundaries of our imagination, yet somehow, during this journey, technology and spirituality have become diametrically different, divided and incompatible.

Technospiritualism is inner engineering using contemporary tools and scientific thought to ease and amplify our assimilation and perception of the eternal now.

E J T E C H ︎ 2024