Democratization of knowledge hands-on, theoretical, atb n soft interfaces, interaction design, creative technology and material research at academic as well as non-academic institutions in Hungary and in Europe. Below you can find selected previous and upcoming workshops and courses.

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University of Washington, USA, 2022.5.25.

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Electronic Music and Media Arts, Budapest, HU, 2022.5.24.

University of Fine Arts, Budapest, HU - Lecture /workshop, 2022.4.8.

Entangled EcoSystems - Sonic ecologies and plant-human intercognition

Angewandte, Art & Science - Guest lecture / workshop, 2022.4.1. Radical Matter: Art, Intelligence and the Digital Human knowledge system/sby Johnny Golding, Erich Prem, Martin Reinhart

Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK), Ghent, Belgium - Lecture / workshop, 2022.3.21-23.

Woven Futures, Fab Lab Budapest, Hungary, 2021.6.28.

Making Textile Sense - S/S coursweek 
2020 - MOME (HU)

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IDA Salon - Wearable Futures
2019 - Hochsule Luzern Design & Kunst (CH)

GO GREEN Future Nature
2020 - Macari Istambul (TR)
2018 - MOME (HU)

Artists and designers have been proposing the ideas to grow textiles as the ways to think about environmental, sustainable, ethical issues surrounding the textile production. We propose to think about these issues including how e-textiles and smart textiles plays a role towards sustainable living, creating possible futures for second skins, sensors and adaptive/responsive structures. The course is about:  making plant sensors for plant-generated music ~ combining textile techniques, technology and nature ~ developing adaptive and responsive surfaces through natural materials, processes and poetic forms of interaction.
2018 - MOME
2020 - Macari Istambul

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