at Parallel Realities group exhibition, Deák17 Gallery, Budapest. 2018.

Humankind has been applying plants to their ceremonial rituals of meeting the spiritual world since their awakening to consciousness. EchoSynthesis presents a programmed organism that provides an opportunity for these two living creatures to interact with each other through digital technologies that extend human perception. By examining the mechanism of action between sounds and touches, we will be brought closer again to the universe of plants. EJTECH is a technological and artistic laboratory with a focus on techno-spirituality, new materials, experimental interactions, and the connection of sounds and materials through the act of touch. Their interactive installations play with the interrelationship of people and technology creating new receptive dimensions along the way.
EXHIBITION TEXTDigital contents displayed on applications and edited by computer programs. Sound compositions starting to play at the touch of a button. A new set of games from the combination of a computer software and ancient logic puzzles. Jewellery in a game play setting. Private and common myths. Parallel visions. Parallel Realities is a group exhibition that focuses on expanding the spectrum of natural sensations, rediscovering our approach to materials, and the interactive use of technological devices that provides a platform for alternatives to creative data processing and social networks. People are born to dream of new worlds and play with them. We can create new universes thanks to our creativity, combination and strategic skills. We walk through real and virtual dimensions, natural spheres, digital and analogue fantasies. We function in continuous interaction with our environment. We can see, hear, touch, feel, and respond. Based on gathered information, we create systems that both follow rules and grow with interactivity. We build parallel realities – from plants, glass, concrete, found objects, sounds, and pixels. These installations of various mediums and materials, which examine natural and historical phenomena, facts, and interactions through instinctive or learnt sensual experiences, invite us to explore new connections among space, time, imagination, design, planes and dots. They act like world views about visible segments of reality and nature. Such individual approaches have added up to parallel definitions of reality that are now mapped out by a range of different genres from fine art and media arts, through glass and jewellery design, to gaming, and arranged as hands-on, printed, projected, or augmented imprints of our artists’ visions.

Exhibiting artists:
Implausible Works, NEUZER Zsófia, Tervhivatal, VARGA Dóra
Curator: KOVÁCS Andrea
Design: Esteban DE LA TORRE
Supported by:
D17 Gallery
Municipality of Budapest
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts
Creative Concept: Let it Be! art agency