Arriving from the refraction of another medium,
as if we had suddenly been thrown from dry land into deep waters.
Have we dived in face first?
I no longer sense the symbols,
yet I can perfectly see the invisible spheres colluding and colliding
in an effortless dance of spiraling currents and waves.
Unceasing and unconstrained.
Entangled layers of flowing matter emerging as threads of unfolding patterns.
Dipping in and out of harmonic equilibrium,
fourth and from a fabric of liquid networks and recurring feedback systems.
My inner tides shape the ocean seabed into an infinite complexity of swirling processes.
My skin listens to itself.
The dermic expand, the chief organ of vibratory sensibility, the hard limiter between inside and outside becomes hazy, smudged, blurred as the internal journey and the external path spiral into one.
As a constant pulsation from the unstruck sound oscillates inanimate matter into life, I hear a laughter that has no lungs behind it. It rustles into my ear, whispering: " You are walking, talking, breathing minerals. A collection of matter in self organizing constellations, manifesting"
I could be the Odradek and the Odradek could be me.
It was only then when I found myself in the labyrinth.
In the otic pit.
Surrounded by a tapestry of glowing petroglyphs.
Silently meandering.
Spinning lines from the cosmic beginning, weaving eternal resonance, holding an augmented seashell carved with fractal intuition.
When amid confusion and gripped by fear, when faith in gravity will no longer suffice,
we find peace in orbits.
In rhythmic periods.
In ritornello forms.
We perpetually move in circles, but we never come back to the same point.

Along the Meander is a site-specific installation dedicated to unfolding matter into the sonic domain through a textile sound system. EJTECH's work creates a space for exploring the extended present via electromagnetic air sculptures. A spatial sound setup to invoke invisible geometries of emerging sonic constellations through multichannel compositions. A spatiotemporal opening for encountering entanglement and blurring the duality between subject and object. A tool for weaving sound spaces into existence.

Textiles are self-signifying media that string macrocosm and microcosm together, the emerging pattern of senses woven into a cognitive fabric, the interlinkage of vertices and edges to create an immanent network of reality, our second skin and the next generation interface for human-computer interaction. EJTECH investigates the interweaving of soundmatter with spacetime through a multichannel textile sound system focused on corporal and deep listening by placing the listener in the intimate epicenter of an embodied experiential space.

E J T E C H ︎ 2024