Soft Interfaces                         Lab

Moholy-Nagy Univeryity of Art and Design (MOME - IK) Budapest, Hungary

Soft Interfaces Lab focuses on research and development of active matter, programmable physical materials and somaesthetic human-computer interaction. Investigation focuses on haptic technologies, dynamic surfaces, emerging materials, hyper/augmented textiles and responsive environments.
We aim at seamlessly uniting the ever expanding digital virtuality with the physical reality by bridging atoms and bits, in order to create organic, tangible experiences and expressive interfaces.

Our materials can be found in Material ConneXion which is now a world-class materials library and consultancy.

Previous research documentation:

We have worked with techno-organic systems created from living organisms within the hub research project Data Gardening. We were exploring non-human intelligence and the extension of communication via micro-voltage auscultation, action potential signaling and interaction with plant life forms as partners, systems, and mediums through which we can recalibrate our relationship with nature.

Current research topic: Multisensory textile innovations to promote physical and emotional wellbeing 

How to create a crossmodal perception and multisensory integration through the textile medium in order to produce an intuitive, non-intrusive platform between the digital and the material? New materials will be developed and their potential effects on wellbeing and anxiety reduction observed. Online presence and interaction with the digital realm is undeniably a major activity in contemporary society which will undoubtedly keep increasing. Currently widespread user interfaces rely on flat displays, keyboards or touchpads. We aim to create a more human, more tangle, material interaction between the user and the vast information made possible by computers and virtual environments.