2021_ Esterházy Art Award Shortlist, Ludwig Museum, Budapest.HU
2022_ Material Thinking - International Contemporary Material Art Biennale, Qingdao.CN

Driven by material research, they create performative installations, multi-channel sonic sculptures and dynamic textile surfaces.In their installation entitled Deep Flux, they train artificial intelligence, with the help of Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), to paint new paintings continuously on adynamic canvas. For this purpose, the canvas has been treated with thermochromic pigments that allow artificial intelligence (AI) to create short-lived works of art.

The content of these ephemeral paintings is the creative result of apretrained neural network based on adataset taken from artistic movements, including abstract expressionism and Fluxus, as well as the generative pieces of computer pioneers in the 1970s like Vera Molnár and Manfred Mohr.

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