2023_ Smithsonian’ s Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC, US 

While the concept of fractals and the thought of recursiveness in infinite scale has existed since the dawn of humanity, it was not until the silicon chip was developed in the 1980s which allowed for the heavy computation to visualize, prove, and manifest such theories.Through the evolution of the cosmos, we are the story of matter being told to itself. Growth and pattern are innate in matter. Without a designer, matter continuously shapes itself into the infinite fractal tapestry of our universe - every pebble, every mountain, every life. Textiles as the metaphor that strings together the macrocosm and microcosm, the interwoven reflection of interpersonal relationships, the linking of vertices and edges to create a network, our second skin and the next interface for human-computer interactions.Dungh-Dakr Cloak is a soft interface specifically created for intuitive musical interactions. It is a fractal tapestry augmented in order to create an intimate explorative material experience.

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