Phase In, Phase Out

2018_ Horizont Gallery, Budapest.HU
23rd Japan Media Arts Festival, Honoray Mention, Tokjo.JP

Textiles are self-signifying media that string macrocosm and microcosm together, the emerging pattern of senses woven into
a cognitive fabric, the interlinkage of vertices and edges to create an immanent network, our second skin and the next generation interface for human-computer interaction.

“Tissue, textile and fabric are excellent models of knowledge, whereby knowledge can be understood as a perceptual experience.”- Michael Serres.

Phase In, Phase Out is an electromagnetic textile interface, performance-specific sound installation, engineered to explore metamateriality via sound, utilizing body and space as holarchic building blocks for emerging structures addressing the constant poiesis of now. 

“Fiber technology is a foundational technology for humans.” -Dr. Bruce Hardy.  Historically a heavily gender biased media, textiles are currently undergoing a monumental new unfolding, where major technological advancements and material research is leading to further augment their fundamental properties, and by doing so give them new, extended functionalities.

Phase In, Phase Out is a multichannel sound system made exclusively from textile, where each coil is capable of vibrating at an individual, independent frequency rate, producing a unique pitch and timbre intrinsically connected to its material properties. These frequencies are produced using Max/MSP and patched allowing for direct control, and movement throughout the textile in order to create a highly detailed acoustic experience within the space. The sound pieces are written specifically for multichannel textile, performed and aimed towards the corporeal experience of sound and shared materiality.

Composition is based solely on frequency rates, as opposed to classical structures of strict tones, intervals, and scales proposed by western musical theory. Further sound synthesis occurs only within the physical space, as individual sounds emitted by independent textile speaker coils interact and sculpt the air. 

All sound is uniquely produced by the textile.

Research and experiments essential to the realization of the installation were carried out within the framework of Judit Eszter Karpati’s PhD research project “Soft Interfaces - Crossmodal Textile Interactions” at the Doctoral School of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest

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