2020. 2 Channel Textile Sound Sculpture for Kapolna Collection
Technical textile, CuNi galvanized textile, aluminum profiles, neodymium magnets, custom soft to hard cabeling, Bela.io

The raw physical shape of sound manifested and unfiltered into vibrating matter. Via an augmented textile sculpture serving as an information carrier, from ancient ritual processes into contemporary electroacoustic compositions, organic textile forms are controlled by the spectator using a prepared conch shell synthesizer. The artwork induces a contemplative silence which contains all potential sounds, rendered visual by lowering their frequency into variable pulsating bursts reminiscent of breath, heartbeat and the throbbing nature of life.  

The resulting art piece places the observer as a performer via the intimacy of control over the rate-sync and frequency knobs, using the conch shell synth as a language and inner dialogue with the outside world exploring rhythm, tension, tacit timbre, tangibility, repetition and change.


Photography by Balazs Mohai, Csongor Szigeti