All Direction is Curved, All Motion is Spiral II.

2021_Rewire, Proximity Music, The Hague.NL

All direction is curved, all motion is spiral is an installation that reshapes space by means of performative textiles, spirals, sound and light. Sound is emitted by the textiles, allowing matter to perform itself. The audience experiences this sonorous-textile phenomena in layers of emerging patterns; sound wave constellations materialize in ever changing geometric paths, things made of smaller things, spirals inside spirals.

Review: The Wire November 2021, Issue 453


Music not as sound, music not as media, music as something that we make and experience together with our whole bodies and all of our senses. Have we forgotten how to do this? How can we invent music with such ancestral qualities now?

iii and Rewire present a tour of installations at multiple locations in The Hague which engage with the senses and the body, with instruments and machines, with ritual and play. Individuals and small groups are invited to explore iconic and lesser known sites in the city, discovering new works created by local and international artists.

Proximity Music offers a route through a series of performative spaces both public and intimate which feed the need for closeness and embodied connection, while questioning our expectations of what is near and far, what is local and what is foreign, what is familiar and what is unknown.

Starting from the government center and taking a walk through underground and repurposed art venues, the tour will present: an ever evolving environment of Indian temple bells played by Google-sponsored machine learning algorithms from award winning bengalese sound artist and scholar Budhaditya Chattopadhyay; an instrument played by your breath and the wind by The Hague born, Swiss based composer Cathy van Eck; physical computing and sonic explorations of auto-mechanics by Turkish-born, Dutch educated Gorkem Arikan in collaboration with auto-mechanic Ibrahim Tokkaya and documentary filmmaker Batuhan Keskiner; an enveloping shower of sparks in the beautifully dangerous work of Pelle Schilling; Mariska de Groot’s mesmerizing magic lantern installation Incidence of Light, recalling avantgarde visual music experiments and translating the light cast upon the room into sound; the spiralling sonic textiles of EJTECH; a tactile sound duet by Icelendic artist Sól Ey; the trance inducing ritual of Hans Becker’s new work La Floresta; an ongoing participatory gamelan session by Laurie Spiegel & Mark Fell; a pedestrian bridge turned into a carillon played with ropes, pulleys and rubber mallets by Kunrad.

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