2017, 2018, 2019. Performance / Installation for Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest, Hungary,
Curated by Andrea Kovacs.

In the current frenzied character of contemporaneity, we are witnessing unprecedented, significant changes in human civilization in a very short amount of time. Changes in our environments. Transformations on our societies. Modifications to our bodies.
Our almost devotional relationship to technological advancements, focused on the blinding rabid hunger of “greater”, and “better” has left us binging, unsatisfied and isolated. In search for a whole and a sense of belonging, we turn towards existence inside seemingly intangible, virtual spaces, such as the internet, attempting to migrate our ego into digital platforms, accentuating the body, yet eerily, ridding it from its physicality. Such exodus has raised the dust and buried the fact that these cyberspaces, clouds, avatars and all computing power is a physical world process built on mined earthly matter. Minerals into logic gates.
Hand held devices have constrict our tactility to artificial haptic feedback. Hyper-communication keeps us misinformed and confused, rather than united a whole. It is imperative that we construct new myths and rediscover a new sense of spirituality. A new spirituality that is intrinsically connected to a new materiality.
No divine middle men.
No digital false idols.

S E N S O R I V M  is an ephemeral cathedral.
A tangible temple for new materiality.
A somesthetic initiation ritual into techno-spiritualism.
A liminal experience on liminoid ground.

S E N S O R I V M  addresses the present stale state of misdirected skepticism through an interactive exercise of spatiotemporal material process. Interfaces aligned into Koestler’s constellations, where participants as holons, experience simultaneously being a self-contained entity as well as a part of a larger system.

EJTECH proposes a tactile experience into light and sound, an open invitation for the di-hierarchization of the senses by creating interactive interfaces from textile, minerals, plantae, and other elements inciting a personal, intimate exploration into a new materiality. The honest, intuitive, instinctual interaction that occurs when participants experience their expressive touch and gestures translate into sound, unearth a forgotten connection usually related to elevated states of consciousness, or the virtuous sincerity of children. The state of now.

2019. at Trafo House of Contemporary Art Budapest featuring Glass Sculptures from Dora Varga ( III. iteration )

Photography by David Biro.

Video excerpts from


As participatory installation

2018 at Kolorado Festival  ( II. iteration )

2017 at Trafo House of Contemporary Arts ( I. iteration )