2022_ bb15 Space for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria.

Sound spaces are not spaces filled with sound, but spaces fabricated by sound.

THIRDSPACE is a textile sound system exploring extended present via electromagnetic air sculptures. A spatial setup to invoke invisible geometries of emerging sonic constellations through multichannel compositions. A tool for weaving sound spaces into existence.

Textiles are self-signifying media that string macrocosm and microcosm together, the emerging pattern of senses woven into a cognitive fabric, the interlinkage of vertices and edges to create an immanent network, our second skin, and the next-generation interface for human-computer interaction. EJTECH investigates the interweaving of sound matter with spacetime through a multichannel textile sound system focused on corporal and expanded listening.

EJTECH’s practice comprises hyperphysical interfaces and metamaterials investigating sensorial and conceptual interrelations while blurring the differentiation between subject and object; rediscovering immanent soft grids of emerging structures. Driven by material research, resulting in performative installations, dynamic surfaces, and multichannel sonic sculptures as an exploration of experiential knowledge through a deeper conversation with the matter.

The project is part of the Oscillations: Exercises in Resilience project.
Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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