2022_ Horizont Gallery - Budapest.HU 
2022_ Kieselbach Gallery, YOUHU Groupshow, Budapest.HU
2022_ Teren - Preliminary Connection (with Jonas Gruska / MSHR) - Brno.CZ

Inherent to matter, as it reshapes itself into exquisite intricate patterns of infinite scales, is the perpetual entanglement of becoming. Permutations of substance unfolding in waves of desiring dynamism.EJTECH proposes technologies for a new faith by raising a triptych altarpiece of hardware cloaked in a mechanistic shell, driven by its entrails of flowing algorithmic logic. An emerging entity of outputs reconnected into inputs. Substance inciting substance. A reiterative reconfiguring feedback system patched into itself. Self transforming and in constant transition.

From a contemporary culture flattened by screen content, EJTECH extrudes new rituals for encountering difference. The transformative potential of coexistence and the rediscovery of a vital New Materialism.Traditionally triptychs were only to be opened and unfolded during special ceremonies as unifying gates or doors between mundane and holy spaces. Miraculous thresholds serving as an obstacle and a vehicle. EJTECH’s techno-organic framework consists of three XREENS of extended hyper physicality, unfolding matter into a liquid-crystalline mesophase of intertwined meaning and materiality.It is no longer interesting whether we are alone in the universe, but rather whether we can comprehend beyond the limits of our language and conceptual system that we are not alone. Western thought considers a mountain as a pile of rocks. “Outmoded” traditions regard the mountain as a deity. Locked into linguistic relativism, one cognitive and cultural process will lead to depletive resource mining, while the other lends for a respectful relationship of awareness and coexistence.

The Acts of XENOPTYX weave themselves into nonlinear expressive proto-writing, inexistent before their intra-action. Recursive and elusive glyphs evoking incantations of prosodic verbal dialects, creating a space for contemplation of the unknown, articulating our inability to understand, making way for a new spirituality deeply connected to a new materiality.XENO . OPTYX . PTYXIs apophenia merely an illusion of self?

Is the medium through its neo-analog agencies edging to communicate?
Is meaning only structures of shadows and dust echoing in throughout our wetware?
Is language a virus from outer space?

E J T E C H ︎ 2024