Folding                         Frequencies

2019. Sound installation/performance at LOM Space in Bratislava, Slovakia. Materials: Technical textile, CuNi galvanized textile coils, aluminum profiles, perforated aluminum sheets, class D amplifiers, aggregated sound cards, usb hubs, neodymium magnets, custom soft to hard cabeling, Organelle, Guitar Pedals, MaxMSP, MacBook Pro

The body is a place of memory. The body remembers every smell, every taste, every sight, every touch, and every sound. Only what you perceive, you know, the rest is imagination. Folding Frequencies explores the concept of body, materiality, time and space with a direct investigation of sound and textile as existential patterns.The work is the science of enhancing perception via sublimation print on woven light-weight organza, laser cut, hand stitch, Faraday's law, and electro-magnetics.‬
A dance of electromagnetic forces choreographed via frequency fluctuations. The physical force of sound becomes apparent by its material presence, rather than by its perception via the ear canal. The augmented organza sweeps via sound ripples in ever incoming waves of time.
Folding Frequencies is an ongoing series focused on the exploration of metareality, ‪rooted in a desire to understand the universe all around us via energy, frequency and vibration.

Poster by Matej Vojtus.

Drape Studies 

Performance photography by Jonas Gruska