New Ways of Viscosity

2016_ Solo exhibition at Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.DE

As recoil to the exponential invasion of digital carvings landscaping our lives, a craving for tactility, depth and dimension has led us to long for  lost materiality and reconsider the role of physicality of substance once again. In its origin, this exploration began by binging on ultra high resolution renders, edging towards the improbabilities of awkward dynamics and impossible physics, swinging between self evident CG and skin tight texturing. Conspicuous compositions, shiny still-life-inspired visuals blended into illogical geometries, distorted characters, plants and art history classics.

This new kind of materiality was conceived for an onscreen lifespan only, luring the senses to a hyper-haptic awakening.This multi-dimensional ambition, unconfined, constantly and capriciously multiplied and transmitted, adopted and adapted, is flattened for the screen, fit to view in a browser.
“Vision is an extension to the sense of touch” as Juhani Pallasmaa puts it in his book The Eyes of the Skin. All senses can be regarded as specialisations of augmented skin.

Through this self denominated new materiality, we to bring to the senses characteristics interconnected to virtuality, questioning this forgotten sensibility, where importance weighs as heavy on the sense of touch, as on perception through sight. Nothing is in a fixed state. Everything is liquid. As if caught in an in-between state of bouncing between online and digital appropriation of offline existence, New Ways of Viscosity proposes the architecture of the Internet not only as a virtual medium that has shaped the way we think, but as a tangible substance and material, with quantifiable physical properties in which we exist.
Rather than an immersive installation, EJTECH renders an open invitation for the de-hierachization of the senses by fabricating reactive structures from foam, textile and aluminum inciting a personal exploration through sound, light and the ever intimate tactile experience.

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Pentatonic Muse

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin 

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